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  Wenzhou optical equipment co., LTD is through loveISO9001-2000System management certification of wenzhou private enterprises。Cover an area of an area15000Square meters,Construction area is achieved8000Square meters。The main production、Selling various models20-120WSingle-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor,As well as production、Strong sales gas water heater exhaust fan、The gas balance type strong exhaust fan、Gas bath heating dual-use strong platoon、Strong blower and gas stove food baking machine with a fan。
  Company production of motor is suitable for various types of discharge of oil absorption、Gas stove food baking machine、Food processing machinery and equipment、The microwave oven、Forced exhaust gas water heater、Gas bath、Heating dual-use boiler and various kinds of electric heat dissipation、The suction exhaust、Transmission purposes,Annual production capacity for120More than ten thousand units。
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Address:Wenzhou ouhai pancho hexi industrial park road16-1Number The phone:0577-86169889 Fax:0577-86167661
The mailbox:aiguang@waifubao.cnZhejiangICPTo prepare14024538Number-1
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